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HR Advisor (Standalone)

  • Reference: CD419
  • Salary: £37,000.00 per annum
  • Type: Permanent, full-time

Job Description

Reports to the Operations Director.


The Human Resources Advisor is a CIPD qualified individual who contributes to the accomplishment of Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasises productivity, goal attainment, quality and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce.

The HR Advisor carries out responsibilities in some or all of the following functional areas:

  • Training and development,
  • Employment,
  • HR System,
  • Departmental development,
  • Employee relations.

Primary Objectives:

To manage the development of a superior workforce by, emphasising quality, continuous improvement and high performance from all staff and highlighting/reporting any failures to Senior Management, with a view to targeting personal ongoing development/improvement that is required.
Manage the development of the Human Resources department.
Safety of the workforce.

The HR Advisor has responsibility for these areas:

  • Manage and Co-ordinate performance of Sales floor alongside Senior Management and where necessary take steps to manage capability of underperforming employees.
  • Ensure all management policies and procedures are up-to-date at all times and inline with current legislation and guidelines and are implemented and appropriately managed.
  • Recruiting and selection interview and recruit all levels of staff.
  • Ensure staff HR files are complete and current
  • Manage and Co-ordinate performance (121)/probation reviews alongside department managers
  • Employee induction, orientation, development, appraisals, training and record keeping thereof.
  • Managing all employee relations issues and Company employee communication.
  • Maintenance of services, policies, and programs, in line with any changes in legislation.
  • Compensation and benefits administration and record keeping.
  • Employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health reporting; and employee issues.

Main Duties:

  • To liaise as required with relevant outside bodies (EEF, Employment Advisors), concerning employment/HR legal issues, responsible for relaying/reporting back to Senior Management.
  • Record absenteeism information on attendance system from holiday request forms, Departmental attendance sheets, sick certificates etc and relaying that information to Department heads and Senior Management in a timely manner.
  • Maintain filing information such as holiday request forms, contracts of employment, sickness certificates, contractual changes and anything else that is required to be held in an employee’s folder/files in accordance with the HR filing system.
  • Preparation/assist of standard HR related correspondence such as offer letters, reference checks, change of details, regret letters, contracts, etc, ready for authorisation by the Relevant Person.
  • Managing the recruitment process including utilising job boards.
  • Following up on information needed such as reference chasing etc.
  • Any other duties as tasked by the Operations Director.
  • There will be a possibility for this role to become permanent.

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